Site Move

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I’ve moved my site next to my owner. The new url is:, and his blog is at Please join me at my new site and follow along.


Lola On My Desk

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Lola on My Desk

Lola sitting next to me on my desk while I work on my photography. She may look all cute and fuzzy but really shes just waiting for me to feed her.

Lola Overexposed

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Spazzy Kitty

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Lola was wound up running around like crazy. I was lucky to even get this photo taken.

Spazzy Kitty


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Cheating on me…

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That so called caretaker of mine decided to leave me alone and spend the afternoon on Toronto Island, and he had the nerve to take pictures and pet the cats of the Island! Needless to say I’m not impressed. Here’s one of the “other” cats!

Hey There!

My new Chair

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My caretaker finally got some new furniture and the blue cushions are just excellent for photographs!

Lola on the New Chair